Desiccant Vials

Desiccant Vials are certainly a unique and highly elegant form of sterile packaging for moisture sensitive tablets, test-strips, and test-kit components. First of all, a twin-shot moulding of structural plastic forms the outside. Furthermore, a patented desiccant plastic forms the inside. As a result, the two form an inseparable bond. Therefore the desiccant (Molecular Sieve or Silica Gel based) cannot be lost, removed, or ingested.

This award-winning product can be manufactured to suit your products specific shelf-life and opening frequency needs. Hence, you have total peace-of-mind that your product will ‘arrive alive’ when used by your customers.

It’s also totally customisable in terms of size, colour or closures. Even more, the Desiccant Vials can be provided as a blank tube or with your printed label already on the outside.

Certainly, this is an elegant 21st Century solution to an age-old problem…



Sterile …because the lid is clicked-closed during the high-temperature moulding process
Customise …the size, shape and colour of the tube, so it could suit your pack quantity and brand
Tailor …the desiccant plastic’s kinetics, so it could suit your required shelf-life and opening frequency
Assure …yourself that the desiccant isn’t separated from the product that it’s protecting
Protect …your customers even more, by use of our tamper evident and or child resistant lid options

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