TransformaGel is a unique silica gel, which changes colour as it becomes saturated, thus indicating when it needs to be replaced.

Because of its beaded structure, TransformaGel is lower-cost and is less dusting than granular indicating silica gels. It’s also less likely to pack-down and cause back-pressure problems in air-flow pipework.

Typically, TransformaGel is used for the refilling of desiccant breathers on electricity substations, for the replacement of gels in tank vent dryers. It is also used for the dehumidification of many compressed-air and pneumatically driven systems, so as to protect against corrosion.

TransformaGel is available as loose-fill gel, supplied in a rigid 25Kg Drum with re-sealable lid. It is also available pre-filled in a Desiccant Breather. [For further details on Desiccant Breathers click here ]

Benefits of TransformaGel:

Easy to Use …the colour-change process is very clear (see photo above)

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