3A SuperSiv® BEADS are a spherical form of Zeolite Molecular Sieve used for the drying of air streams and compressed gasses. They are particularly useful in the final stages of bio-fuel production where, due to the formation of an azeotrope, distillation alone cannot drive-off the final 3% of moisture from the fuel.

4A SuperSiv® BEADS can also be used as desiccant. They are less expensive than 3A BEADS but also slightly less efficient (when absorbing water). That said, they are much better at removing larger odorous molecules such as Hydrogen Sulphide, which can often taint natural gas streams.

10A SuperSiv® BEADS can also be used as desiccant, but their primary role is the removal of complex long-chain organic molecules from within hydrocarbon gas streams. In essence, they help filter-out undesirable products, such as mercaptans and benzene species, and aid in the production of a purer hydrocarbon fuel.
Due to their spherical nature, SuperSiv® BEADS allow for excellent free-flow of gasses between them with minimal back pressure. Our standard bead sizes are: 1.6-2.5mm and 2.5-5.0mm, but we can manufacture beads in any size, to suit your requirements…


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