SupAAlumina is a type of activated alumina bead that’s particularly well-suited to air-drying applications. Whilst slightly less absorbent than molecular sieve beads, they’re significantly more robust. This means that they can withstand regenerative drying cycles far better, and have a far longer working-life.

They can also be used in direct contact with liquids, without swelling, dissolving, or turning to powder. Virtually all inorganic gases and liquids can be dried using these beads. Furthermore, they have excellent crush strength, meaning that they can be used at the base of tall drying columns.

For all of these reasons, SupAAlumina BEADS are widely used in the compressed-air industry to prevent corrosion in pneumatic doors, machinery and braking systems.

In addition to desiccation, SupAAlumina beads can also be used for: adsorption of oil vapour from compressed air systems, water de-fluoridisation, mineral oil reconditioning, and absorption of harmful gases.

Our 3-5mm beads are typically used in regenerative dryers. Our larger 5-7mm beads are commonly used as pre-bed material; which reduce the moisture load of a fluid prior to its exposure to a more refined bed of silica gel or molecular sieve.

Benefits of SupAAlumina BEADS:

Quality …as an ISO:9001 accredited company, you are assured of world-class products
Proven …we already supply many compressed-air and industrial drier companies.
Quick …we hold 3-5mm beads as a standard stock item, and can deliver at short notice

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