SuperDryPak silica gel bags effectively absorb humidity and thus prevent moisture-damage and corrosion.  They are comprised of British Standard (7554) beaded silica gel; for low dust emission, and are wrapped in high-grade Tyvek® (or non-woven fabric) for high burst-resistance.

Used in many industrial applications, where moisture-damage is possible, our silica gel bags will prolong and maintain your product’s shelf-life.

SuperDryPak silica gel bags come in a range of sizes from 0.25g to 500g and can be packed as individual sachets, or as continuous-strip sachets (presented on a reel).

Our continuous strip sachets are particularly suited to high-speed packaging lines, and are designed to be compatible with our own PRONTOPACKER™ Dispenser Machine (click here), or any other manufacturer’s dispenser.

Benefits of SuperDryPak Silica Gel sachets:

Quality …as an ISO:9001 accredited company, you are assured of world-class products
Low Cost …our SuperDryPak silica gel bags are the lowest-cost on the market
Proven …we are already used hundreds of companies world-wide
Lead-Time …these are standard stock items, so the lead-time for delivery can be next day.

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