FASDROP™ Desiccant Canisters absorb humidity and prevent moisture-damage to your product. These rigid desiccant canisters are ideal for high-speed automated lines, where the continuous and rapid filling of containers is a priority.

Typically these items are filled with white silica gel [British Standard BS:2540] in plastic cylinder which meets both FDA and EU requirements for food contact and pharmacopeia. They are also 100% label free.

Starting at just 0.5g in mass, and extending to a wide range of sizes, FASDROP™ Canisters can also be filled with a variety of indicating silica gels, which change colour – so as to indicate when the gel has been saturated. The items are particularly well suited to the packing of long shelf-life items, where an indication of packed-product’s continued usability is required.

For more highly-tailored solutions, FASDROP™ Canisters can also be filled with activated carbon (for odour prevention), or molecular sieve beads (for more aggressive desiccation).

Benefits of FASDROP™ Desiccant Canisters:

Quality …these canisters are made for highly-automated high-speed processing.
Low-Cost …we offer the lowest cost pharma-grade canister on the market
Quality as an ISO:9001 accredited company, you are assured of world-class products
Proven …we are already used by many word-class medical companies

Desiccant solutions & barrier foil protective packaging

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