SuperDrySim is a new form of high-tech modelling software, available exclusively to Baltimore Innovations customers. It is designed to help you reduce the time spent assessing your product’s shelf-life via old-fashioned and time-consuming stability trials.

It is applicable to the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Defence sectors, and it has been developed by our R&D Team, after many years of experience advising customers with similar problems…

We have innovated and launched this disruptive technology into the marketplace, because we are convinced that there is a quicker and more intelligent way to get moisture sensitive products to market.

We live in the 21st Century – so let’s use 21st Century Technology to solve stubborn age-old problems…

Benefits of SuperDrySim

Reduce …the number of stability trials required
Decrease …the costs of laboratory facilities and staff
Shorten …the time taken to assess shelf-life
Speed-up …the time taken to get your product to market
Optimise …your current packaging for cost savings

Desiccant solutions & barrier foil protective packaging

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