Meet The Team
Ted Valentine, Chairman
Ted Valentine
Latha Pillai, Finance Director
Latha Pillai
Finance Director
Matthew Valentine, Managing Director
Matthew Valentine
Managing Director
Saul Edwards, Commercial Manager
Saul Edwards
Commercial Director
Dulcie Valentine, Legal Officer
Dulcie Valentine
Legal and HR Associate
Mark Valentine, R&D Director
Mark Valentine
R&D Director
Caroline Gregory, Operations Director
Caroline Gregory
Operations Director
Simon Poulter, Speciality Products Manager
Simon Poulter
Speciality Products Director
Steve Winton, Business Development Manager
Steve Winton
Business Development Manager
Kevin Neale, Business Development Manager
Kevin Neale
Business Development Manager
Isaac Rashman, Business Development Executive
Isaac Rahman
Business Development Manager
Mario Ferri, Project Engineer
Mario Ferri
Project Engineer
Dawn Hickman, Administrator
Dawn Hickman
Mike Young, IT Manager
Mike Young
IT Manager