Pharmapack 2019: Humi-Balance for Canisters

Since 2016 customers with highly specific Relative Humidity (RH) critical products have enjoyed the precise humidity control and protection given by our Humi-Balance sachets. Now at Pharmapack 2019 we are offering an extension of the humi-balance range, now including canisters. This has been in response to customer feedback who require a more compact offering which differentiates itself from other sachets and products.

This will be available both in traditional and colour indicating form. So not only will you be able to control your package RH within a precise range but also have the peace of mind of colour feedback. By inspecting the colour of the canister contents you will be able to confidently verify the package RH.

How does it work?

Each canister is formulated to the specific humidity you require. If the surrounding humidity is too high it acts as a normal desiccant, adsorbing moisture. If, however, the surrounding humidity is too low it will release moisture to increase the ambient RH. Indicating canisters can also be supplied with a colour indicating chart. This chart will reveal the corresponding RH to the desiccant colour. Example colours are shown below (n.b. The exact colour required will vary depending on your application):

Free Samples!

For more information please visit us at Pharmapack Stand H45, Paris, 6th & 7th February 2019. Alternatively to request some free samples please fill in our request form.