B-Sure Barrier Foils

Barrier foil protective packaging protects your product from moisture, gases & UV damage.

B-Sure barrier foils ensure your products’ shelf life stability.

Printed pouches in stand up, lay flat, zip-lock & tear-notch formats.

Printed foil rolls for automated high speed production lines.

Barrier foils can be printed in 8 or more colours.

B-Sure barrier foils meet FDA & EU food contact legislation.

Industry sectors using B-Sure barrier foil protective packaging

Medical Protect your pharmaceuticals, diagnostics & medical devices from moisture, gases & UV damage
Defence Materials comply with Military Specifications PRF-817505D types 1 & 3, PRF-131 & Def Stan 81/75-3

Food Barrier foil packaging preserves taste, colour, smell & feel of your pack contents. B-Sure barrier foils meet FDA & EU food contact legislation

Industrial We supply large foil bulk-storage bags & pre-printed foil roll-stock for automated production lines.

Desiccant solutions & barrier foil protective packaging

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