B-Sure Barrier Foil packaging

When protecting moisture-sensitive products, removal of water within the pack (desiccation) is only half the story – the other half is the barrier. Simply speaking, this is what prevents additional moisture getting into the package.

As a major supplier of B-Sure barrier foils to the defence industry, all of our materials comply with the relevant national defence standards (such as Mil Spec PRF-131 and Def Stan 81/75-3).

We offer every format of pre-made pouch: Zip-Lock, Tear-Notch, Stand-Up, Lay-Flat …and once packed, your products will be protected against moisture damage, oxidation and UV degradation. In addition to this, our B-Sure Foils will prevent the ingress of odours, and preserve the organoleptic properties of your product.

We work with world’s leading defence companies – so come and work with us ! 


Benefits of B-Sure BARRIER FOILS:

Quality as an ISO:9001 accredited company, you are assured of world-class products
Experience …our B-Sure Barrier foils team has over 60 years’ experience.
Compliant …all our B-Sure Barrier foils comply with defence industry standards
Problem Solving …we are experts in solving tricky packaging issues, and solving production-line issues
Flexibility …we can make every type of foil packaging possible and print with over 10 separate colours.

Desiccant solutions & barrier foil protective packaging

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