Ice Wraps flexible ice sheet

Ice-Wrap® is a flexible chill-sheet that helps temperature-sensitive medicines remain cool during distribution. Using Ice-Wrap® is easy – just hydrate a sheet in water for 20 minutes and then freeze.

Using Ice-Wrap® ensures compliance with Good Distribution Practices for cold-chain pharmaceutical distribution. It also meets airline industry Perishable Cargo Regulations for time and temperature-sensitive healthcare products – because when it thaws, the gel remains trapped inside its cells and does not release water into the package or surroundings.

We can provide these sheets in any size that you require – and unlike gel packs Ice-Wrap® can be bespoke printed; for those who require own-label branding.

Ice-Wrap® chill sheets also have direct medical applications; for the treatment of sports injuries, and are therefore widely used by physiotherapists and first-aiders.


Benefits of Ice-Wrap SACHETS:

Quality as an ISO:9001 accredited company, you are assured of world-class products
Cost Effective …Ice-Wrap® is a cost efficient replacement for gel packs
Safety …compliance with Good Distribution Practices (GDP) relating to cold chain distribution
Tailorable …we can print these items as per your own branding requirements.

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