SuperDrySorb Liquid Absorbers

SuperDrySorb liquid absorbers soak-up and solidify waste fluids and spillages into a more manageable gel-like form, allowing for easy disposal. Using them is simple – just drop a complete sachet into or noxious liquid, watch it dissolve, and then watch it solidify the fluid into a gel.

The whole process takes less than 60 seconds, and is based on a super-absorbent polymer that is capable of soaking-up 400 times its own weight in liquid.

We can provide these items in any size that you require – and unlike PVA sachets, these water-soluble paper packets can be offered with bespoke printing, for those who require own-label branding.


Benefits of SuperDrySorb SACHETS:

Quality …as an ISO:9001 accredited company, you are assured of world-class products
Convenience …our SuperDrySorb sachets are one of the quickest-working absorbers on the market
Simple …Absorb noxious and infectious medical fluids rapidly and securely
Tailorable …we can print these items as per your own branding requirements.
Protects …against cross contamination, resulting in safer handling for staff

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